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Wine Country Gift Baskets For Easter
There are perks to being part of this site. And although we feature numerous deals and discounts across the page, it is infrequent that we get to bring you a deal that will have you saving more than half your money. With Wine Country Gift Baskets, we have an exclusive, members-only, stay-behind-the-velvet-rope deal that we
The Deals Are Blooming at 1-800-Flowers
  With Easter rapidly approaching, do you really think that chocolate is the best gift you could give? Sure, it’s expected and traditional, but what message does it send? You are saying that you want the recipient to indulge in a sugar binge, that your love is only measured by sweet treats, and that you
Play Pickleball with Wolfe Sports
Have you ever wanted to combine sports to see what it would be like? Like soccer and volleyball? It’s called Sepak Tekraw and it’s amazing. How about skiing and shooting? Oh wait, that’s biathlon and it’s an Olympic sport. Well, if you like these mash-up sports, you are going to love Pickleball. We have a deal
Man Crates Mates Rates
No man in the history of the world has received a fancy arrangement of fruits and exclaimed, “Holy Moly! This is exactly what I wanted!” Or so proclaims Man Crates, a gift package service that tailors care packages specifically for the man in your life. They care about the military so much that they’ve introduced
The Washington Post Free Deal
If you’re a federal employee, there’s a good chance that you rely on premium sources to get your relevant news. If you need something that rises above all that “Fake News”, you can rely on The Washington Post to bring you unbiased reports of exactly what you need to know. But now you can get
Lowes BIG Military Discounts
  Working on your home? Need to find expert advice on your next big project? Lowes has got you covered. With their extensive range and friendly advice, your next big home renovation will be simple. And cheaper. Because Lowes now offers a new way to save on your bill. Even though we are about to
Cruise over to Carnival For Exclusive Offers
  Been working too hard? Stationed overseas at a post away from your family? Maybe it’s time to take a romantic cruise to that perfect destination. It’s the ideal way to reconnect with your loved ones. But did you know that Carnival Cruises has a deal that’s been specifically tailored for any military personnel? Yes,
Start Here: Your Complete Guide to FedSave’s New Look
Welcome to our new site! Please wipe your feet before you come in because, as you will see, everything has been changed since you last were here. We didn’t just slap some paint on the walls and clean up the mess. We took the site down to its bare bones and rebuilt it into what
Genesis Diamond Engagement Rings Discounts For Valentine’s Day
Fellas, that time of year is coming up again. No, not Super Bowl. This is much more important than the Big Game. It only comes around once a year, and you had better be prepared this year to make it extraordinary. I’m talking about Valentine’s Day, and if you really want to make it special,
Delta Airline Deals
In a site first, we are releasing one of the biggest airline discount packages that we have come across in a long time. Delta Airlines has a reputation for caring about their customers, and they have now extended this to the military personnel that use their services. But if you think that this is just
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