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Mar 2018

The Deals Are Blooming at 1-800-Flowers

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With Easter rapidly approaching, do you really think that chocolate is the best gift you could give? Sure, it’s expected and traditional, but what message does it send? You are saying that you want the recipient to indulge in a sugar binge, that your love is only measured by sweet treats, and that you aren’t concerned about their health or diet.

We here at FedSave found a better gift to give during this Easter season. How about the gift of fresh flowers? It speaks about life, love, and a welcome to the season of spring.

1-800-Flowers Discount Code

If you are logged in to our site, you automatically have access to a coupon code that gives you 20% off any order you place on You can simply choose the bunch or bouquet that best suits you, add our coupon code, and away you go, looking like a hero this Easter.

But this deal is only available on our site. And you have o be a member. It’s actually a great thing to be a member of our community because you get access to a whole world of deals for federal employees, military, and spouses and families. Your membership opens you up to literally thousands upon thousands of dollars in coupons, deals, and huge savings on everything. If you are brand new to the site, please click here to learn more about how this works.

Flowers, Gifts and Much More

So although we suggest buying a bouquet for loved ones this Easter, 1800Flowers does so much more. And all the gifts and flowers they have on the site all have that exclusive 20% coupon deal. As long you log in first.

Let’s see how far your dollar can take you. Of course, 1800Flowers has a great Easter section. How about an Easter basket, a collection of carnations, asters, and poms that are tastefully arranged to celebrate this season? Or you could bring a little color into the home with Easter tulips, a vibrant arrangement that splashes life into the room it adorns. Hey, it even comes with a little package of jelly beans that can you sprinkle around the vase.

But if you wish to simply commemorate the season, you can find the Spring collection to your liking.   You could stick to a simple and elegant bouquet like the Delightful Daffodils, yellow daffodils in a quaint bucket that can either sit on a window sill or act as a centerpiece. Or you could really splash out and choose the Spring sensation, a smorgasbord (can you use that word to describe flowers?) of colors that will lighten up anybody’s life.

All these and more can be found at a deeply discounted 20% off, just in time for Easter. Simply find our coupon code, apply it to your purchase, and enjoy looking like a hero when you arrive at Easter lunch with a beautiful bouquet in hand.

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