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Mar 2018

Play Pickleball with Wolfe Sports

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Have you ever wanted to combine sports to see what it would be like? Like soccer and volleyball? It’s called Sepak Tekraw and it’s amazing. How about skiing and shooting? Oh wait, that’s biathlon and it’s an Olympic sport. Well, if you like these mash-up sports, you are going to love Pickleball. We have a deal from Wolfe Sports that we’re serving to you to get you introduced to this great game.

What is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a fun mixture of tennis and ping pong that uses unique paddles and balls. You can play as singles or in a doubles match. The large over-sized Pickleball paddles look like they are made for indoor games, but this is played on a court similar to a tennis court. You use a plastic ball with holes, much like a whiffle ball, and you and your opponent must serve and volley the ball back and forth.

If you’re familiar at all with racket sports, then you already know how to play Pickleball. There a couple rule changes, like all serves must be underhand, you can’t play within 7 feet of the net, and your first couple shots must bounce before you can return them, but it’s simple to get into the swing of things. Pun intended.

Much like tennis or ping pong, points are counted from double bounces, going out of bounds, or being hit by the ball. It is an easy game to pick up and even easier to have fun. It will become your new favorite sport when you try it out this summer.

Wolfe Sports Pickleball Discount

Wolfe Sports, a leading Pickleball equipment provider, has put a deal together for you. They have a couple deals actually. We are pleased as, well, pickles that our readers can get an exclusive coupon to apply to their purchase of Pickleball rackets. You can get $15 off when you apply the coupon code located on our store page.

That is an incredible deal almost 18% off the ticketed price just for being a member of this site. But wait, there’s more.

Wolfe Sports is committed to getting you involved in this crazy, fun, addictive sport. We thanked them profusely for their discount code, but they stopped us as we were going to the door. Before we could say anything, they told us that our readers would also get a discount off the Pickleball net to convert any tennis court into a Pickleball court. They also have a complete Pickleball Net Set, a package that gives you everything you need to try out the game. That’s paddles, balls, and the net to convert your local tennis court into a ready-made Pickleball championship court. Challenge family, make new friends, and have fun with this game.

Thanks to Wolfe Sports, you and your whole family can get involved in a crowd-pleasing outdoor activity. Just log in to our site to get access to this extremely exclusive deal. And hurry, not because the deal expires, but because you’ll want to start playing Pickleball as soon as possible. Simply click here to get to the Wolfe Sports store and access the coupon codes that get you the deals. That is “game, set, match” from Wolfe Sports and the game of Pickleball.

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