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Mar 2018

Man Crates Mates Rates

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No man in the history of the world has received a fancy arrangement of fruits and exclaimed, “Holy Moly! This is exactly what I wanted!”

Or so proclaims Man Crates, a gift package service that tailors care packages specifically for the man in your life.

They care about the military so much that they’ve introduced a deal specifically to suit the families of those who serve.

Man Crates Deals

They absolutely care about the military. If you were ever in doubt about Man Crates’ dedication to those who serve, you only to look at the amazing military deals they put together.  They now ship to APO and FPO addresses, meaning that if your man is stationed overseas at a post, a long way from his family and the comforts of home, you can order a Man Crate catered to meet his manly needs.

And you will get a reduced rate to do just that. All military families receive 10% off of any crate package that you can order on their site. It’s the perfect way to meet the needs of that special guy in your life that does not need flowers, plush teddies, or some food basket. They need manly items, packed in a manly way, shipped directly to them. How about a wooden crate with their very own laser-etched crowbar to open their crate? They will love it.

Man Crates Options

Wondering what you can find in your Man Crate? There are dozens of options online that you can select from.

For example, let’s look at Grilling, a popular category for any guy. In this section alone, you can choose a crate that contains everything you need to make your own chef’s knife, a package that teaches you how to grill a beer can chicken, a hickory smoking crate, a crate for stuffed burgers done to perfection, and a pizza grilling crate that includes everything you need to cook beautifully grilled pizzas on your backyard grill.

Is your guy more interested in the Outdoors?  Try a Man Crate that has everything he would need for a hunting weekend with the boys, a trout fisherman crate, a personalized camp crate, and the outdoor dutch oven crate,  allowing your man to make Dutch Ovens that will not offend you.

Or maybe your guy is a connoisseur of beverages. The drinking category has something for the whiskey appreciator, the Moscow Mule package, and the personalised pint set. These gifts go a long way to making your man feel like you appreciate him and his efforts. The Man Crate puts together enough crates to understand what most men want, and it isn’t going to be found in some “froo-froo” fruit platter.

Get your guy the Man Crate he deserves. I am not sure which is going to make him happier; the contents of the crate or the money you’ve saved ordering him the perfect gift. Either way, Man Crate will make your man happy.

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