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Feb 2018

The Washington Post Free Deal

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If you’re a federal employee, there’s a good chance that you rely on premium sources to get your relevant news. If you need something that rises above all that “Fake News”, you can rely on The Washington Post to bring you unbiased reports of exactly what you need to know.

But now you can get access to this premium source for free. Free is good, right?

Learn more right here.

Washing Post Free Subscriptions

There are certain benefits that you can enjoy with your valid federal employee email address. You can claim benefits that any normal working person doesn’t get. One of those befits includes the free subscription to the Washington Post.

Tired of paying for your news like all those other suckers? Follow these simple steps to get your free subscription to the world’s news, delivered to your inbox every day.

If you have a .mil or .gov email address, you are eligible to participate in this rewarding service. Just fill in your details at this site to get a link sent to your email inbox with the free offer.

Yes completely free. No strings attached. No additional hidden tricks. No sales-y tactics. Just enjoy what The Post has to offer you each and every day for free online. Access the paper via any desktop, laptop, or portable device to get instant updates on your world and the world at large.

What’s in the Washington Post?

If you’re going to improve yourself, you need to stay up with the latest developments that could affect your job (government shutdowns, anyone?).

Politics and Opinion

The Washington Post’s motto is that Democracy Dies in the Darkness. They aim to shed light on the current events, the political atmosphere of the day. If you need to know what the government is planning next, you need to be reading the one paper that aims to be as transparent as possible in their reporting of the political news.

Find out the facts and then get the opinions behind those facts. Hear the opinions of the editors that have the most up-to-date information and provide their insight into what it all means. Go to work on Monday as the most informed person at work with the facts to back up your claims.

Local, National, and the World

Find out what’s been happening in your town, your country, and around the world while you slept. Wake up with the latest developments in the Capitol, the country. And the rest of the world in three separate sections devoted to giving you a complete picture of the most pressing news.


Interested in the business landscape? Find out everything you could possibly want to know, and more in the Business section of the Post. With all this information, and the complete archives available at your fingertips, become like the next Mark Cuban, Elon Musk, or Steve Jobs with your impressive understanding of Wall Street and the companies around it.


The Washington Post has stood the test of time, passing from the olden days of a delivered paper on your front door to a new digital copy in your inbox every morning. Get all of this completely free. Use your federal employee email address to unlock the world’s news, every day.

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