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Feb 2018

Lowes BIG Military Discounts

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Working on your home? Need to find expert advice on your next big project? Lowes has got you covered. With their extensive range and friendly advice, your next big home renovation will be simple.

And cheaper. Because Lowes now offers a new way to save on your bill. Even though we are about to tell you the deals, try to act surprised when your cashier tells you the discount you’ll get.

They love it when you do that.

Lowes Military Deals

When Lowes first started offering deals to the military, they reserved these low prices for three days of the year; Memorial Day, Veterans Day and the 4th of July. But because of Lowes support for the troops and service they provide, they’ve recently extended their Military Discount Program to all year.

Yes, that’s massive savings across the range of the store, all year round. 365 days of the year, you can walk up with your home items and receive an instant 10% off for recognition of your service to this country.

10% is only available to currently serving personnel or veterans of the US armed forces. That includes the National Guard, US Navy, Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.  Immediate family members can also claim this benefit as well.

It is so simple to get involved in this program. To begin, enrol in the program by clicking through their simple online service. Once approved, your discount is automatically linked to your MyLowes card that can be used by you or any immediate family member.

And that’s it. Walk in. Buy your gear. Show your card. Get your discount. Get to work. Isn’t it easier when they make it simple to save money?

Now it’s time to plan for your next big home improvement project.

Have a stubborn toilet that needs repairing? Head over to the friendly folks at Plumbing to get instant advice and all the gear you’ll need to have your “latrine” up and running again.

How about something bigger like a complete kitchen remodelling. Well, now that you get your 10% discount, you can grab everything you need under the one roof. Buy all the latest appliances, fixtures, and learn from the experts about what you need to know before you ever hammer your first nail.

But Lowes isn’t just about home projects. It is also about making your house a place you’d like to be.

Head over the garden section to pick up a wide arrangement of flora to plant in and around the home. Care for your lawn, treat your weeds, and manage your yard like a pro.  Buy the best patio furniture, get decked out on your deck, grab a great grill, and let your discount handle the difference.


Lowes knows that your service to this country is the most valuable asset and they’ve put their pride to action by extending their Military Discount Program to you all year round. Unfortunately, that means that you no longer have an excuse to tackle all those big projects on your “Honey Do” list. Oh well, off to Lowes!

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