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Feb 2018

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Been working too hard? Stationed overseas at a post away from your family? Maybe it’s time to take a romantic cruise to that perfect destination. It’s the ideal way to reconnect with your loved ones.

But did you know that Carnival Cruises has a deal that’s been specifically tailored for any military personnel? Yes, it’s true. Find out more about the deal, and just where you could be setting sail with your loved one this year.

Carnival Cruise Deals

We love finding new deals for the military, people who already work very hard for this country and deserve our thanks. Luckily, Carnival has the exact same mentality, creating their Military Cruise Deals just so they can offer their very own “salute” to the soldiers.

Just head on over to the Military Deals page to find a suitable package for you. You simply need to browse the calendar, find the right time and size and book through the site to get access to these great prices. Each cruise offered is already discounted so you don’t need to ask if that particular destination is included.

The best part is that Carnival wants to recognize both the American AND Canadian soldiers, active and retired, by extending this offer to serving members on both sides of the border.

The Terms

All the prices listed are for a double occupancy room. To use these rates, just submit proof of eligibility within 3 days of the cruise date. Your papers enable you to keep that low, low price and travel onwards to your port of choice. Not all destinations are available, but there are enough to choose from on the deals page, so pick wisely.

Carnival Cruise Locations

Studies show that the happiest part of a vacation is in planning it, so let the planning begin. This is the fun part.

The Bahamas

Live the Bahamian lifestyle and set sail for one of the most beautiful locations in the world. There’s a reason that the rich and famous travel from everywhere to play here. And you’ll soon discover it for yourself as you book a room for you and your sweetie to cruise down to the islands for some fun and frivolity. Report for relaxation!


With the restrictions lifted, experience Old Havana and the incredible Cuban culture. Travel to the island is like taking a step back in time. Wonder at the cars, the cigars (of course), and the bars. Havana truly is like no other and it’s worth the trip itself for a few nights in this destination.


As you depart from your port, you will soon discover how the Caribbean draws and keeps so many people each year. Wonder at the pristine beaches. Spend time trekking through the old cities. Reminisce about the pirate life that once made the Caribbean famous. This is no Disney ride. This is the real experience and you can share it with Carnival.


Looking for an escape south of the border? No problem. Carnival can take you right to the Riviera or the Baja. You and your loved one can get a little “spicy” as you experience the true Mexican lifestyle. Tequila, beaches, and tacos. What more could you ask for?


Carnival has dozens of destinations on offer. Just head over to their site, tell them we sent you, and all aboard for the cruise of a lifetime with Carnival Cruises.

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