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Feb 2018

Start Here: Your Complete Guide to FedSave’s New Look


Welcome to our new site!

Please wipe your feet before you come in because, as you will see, everything has been changed since you last were here.

We didn’t just slap some paint on the walls and clean up the mess. We took the site down to its bare bones and rebuilt it into what you see here. And it is all so that you get faster and easier access to the deals we will continue to gather for you.

So, let us take you through the site, show you around to a few special areas that we are proud of, and explain some of the cool features we have installed so you never miss out on those exciting bargains you get as a Federal Employee.

Come on in! It looks different, but let us show you around.

Member Access

The first thing you will notice is that we created this site to be accessed only by a registered member. Why would we do this?

We aim to provide exclusive discounts to military and government employees. You only get to see the deals if you register to prove that you are eligible for them. But it’s so easy to register because we want to get to the deals faster.  If it is your first time here, you can click Register to quickly enter your details. You’ll never have to do this again.

Once you have successfully registered, you now have a unique login. You can either save your details so that you’re logged in every time to visit the site, or you can hit the Login button and enter your username and password. Plus, you will automatically get registered to receive a monthly newsletter that highlights the deals that you may have missed, right to your inbox.

You are now logged in. What can you do now?


Oooh! Shiny!

Along the side of the site and at the top of the page, you will see our new categories. Let’s take a look at the FedSave Stores section first.

Let’s imagine that you’re looking at purchasing the new iPhone X. You’ve done your due diligence and you’re ready to slap down some cash and pick up your new phone from the Apple store.

But wait! Are you eligible for some sort of discount?  In our old site, you’d have no idea, but we’ve made it so easy for you. You simply click on Stores, and we’ve listed all the stores and businesses that we have come across that currently offers some discount, coupon, or bargain for you.

You can click down to Apple and discover all the offers they have. Some stores only have one discount while others have multiple discounts. Clicking on the discount will reveal the terms and conditions of each discount they offer.

Put some of that cash back in your pocket because it looks like Apple has got a sweet deal for you.

Offers and Offers By Category

This is cool too!

Not sure what store you want to search for? No problem because we also included an Offers and Offers by Category function.

The Offers page highlights some of the recent offers we like and want to pass on to you. You can also narrow down your searches to just coupons or deals only.

But we’re especially proud of the Offers by Category. In here, you can search all offers related to the specific category you choose.

For example, if you are looking for a car-related deal, you can click on Auto which will narrow down the search for only car-related offers. Search deals from BMW, Toyota, and O’Reilly Auto Parts. This saves you from scrolling through the hundreds of deals listed on our site to find the one that you need to get new tires or great financing rates on a new car.

Blog Page

And of course, you will still have access to the same offers that we regularly talk about on our blog page. On here, we will feature the newest deals we found on the interwebs, the seasonal deals we think you should know, or remind you of the best offers that we currently have on the site.

We have got all the latest deals, and we just made it easier for you to save your hard-earned money. Play around with the site, and we guarantee you will be back again soon.

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[email protected]

2 years ago

am I eligible for Fed Save discounts as a RETIRED fed employee? if yes, how do I get some form of ID?


2 years ago

Of course! Many of our deals specifically cater to retired personnel. Each deal is different and the terms and conditions vary. Check with the deal you'd like for what proof they require. Many simply need an email address or a payslip to take advantage of the deals.

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