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Dec 2017

Gifts for Family Over the World with Gift Basketes Overseas

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You have just realised there was a REVERSE SIDE to that list of people you were meant to get gifts for this Christmas. You never checked that before. And some of them don’t even live in the same country.

What do you do?

Gift Baskets Overseas has a great deal for you, and just in time for the holiday season. We have covered it before on this site, but as the perfect Christmas gift, we could not resist giving it another look.

Gift Basket Overseas Deals

This season, fill up everyone’s stockings, put a present under everyone’s tree, and save money doing it.

What’s that? We had you at “save money”? Well, read on. You are in luck.

Gift Baskets Overseas has released an offer of epic magnitude. And it’s only for those who have a valid military ID.

After scanning and emailing your valid ID, you will be sent an exclusive 10% discount coupon, valid for everything on the site. Just a simple email could end up saving you much more than you thought you’d get.

As long as you’re sending the basket to one of their serviced countries (and you probably are seeing as they deliver to over 200 countries), your coupon is good to go.

Gift Basket Ideas

Having seen what sort of baskets there are on this site, we are pretty sure you won’t just send them to your last-minute recipients. These baskets are good enough to send to yourself.

Do you know someone in Australia that loves food? Of course you do. Try sending them the Seasons Eatings basket, loaded with goodies and treats that everybody will enjoy.

Or do you want to send your cousin up north in Canada a taste of the good life? Lord knows they need it with the brutal temperatures they get. They can warm up and get relaxed with the Bubbles and Bubbly package, a complete spa experience in a basket.

And before you ask, of course you can send stuff right here in the good ole’ US of A. Send Aunt Betty a tempting trio of desserts. The Best Things Come in Threes is a collection of delights that will not last long after being delivered right to their door.

Why not deliver something a little decadent to yourself. Feign shock and surprise when the delivery driver arrives with the Instant Celebration Gift Basket. For me? You shouldn’t have!

All these packages and more are just waiting for you to choose and save big money. Do not forget to email off that Military ID, and before you have made your list and checked it more than once, you will have the coupon ready to use sitting in your inbox.

Give a Gift while Overseas

We understand that for families that are separated this season, gift giving can be a challenge. So if you are stationed off post in the middle of nowhere, or you just want to let your overseas partner a taste from home while far away, give the gift they will treasure.

It’s more than just the items in the basket; it’s the love and care that goes into sending a token of your appreciation.

With a deal so nice it’s worth mentioning twice, have a wonderful Christmas season, and happy shopping with Gift Baskets Overseas.


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