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Dec 2017

Home for the Holidays with La Quinta Hotels

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From the Northwest corner of the country to the very tip of Florida’s keys, La Quinta has a comfy bed awaiting you this holiday season.

And book today with the knowledge that La Quinta has rates that are significantly lower than what you will find elsewhere.

Find out more now.

La Quinta Room Deals

La Quinta is Spanish for The Fifth.

And that means nothing for this article, but it just seemed like an interesting fact.

Do you know what else is interesting? Your holiday plans are going to be better with La Quinta. They have a deal for all government employees travelling home this holiday season. Their government rates at on par or less than the government per diem rates.

As you spend time with loved ones, as you travel back to spend quality time with your family, you should not have to burden anybody trying to bunk with them for a few days.

That is why La Quinta stepped in to offer their nationwide hotel chain to you as your home away from home as a Christmas gift to you.

La Quinta Hotel Amenities

And besides the money savings, why else would you choose to stay with La Quinta? Let’s look at what they’ve got to offer.

Included in their government room rates are complimentary Wi-Fi, a free breakfast, and the guarantee of a good night sleep.

Well, not actually a guarantee, but they will try their darndest to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your stay.

You can always peruse the packages menu to see what sort of attractions and events you could enjoy in the area as you enjoy the company of those you’ve missed this holiday season. If you’re staying in Madison, AL, you can save on tickets to the Space and Rocket Center.

Or you could visit the odd and confusing Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, CA as part of your stay. La Quinta makes it their goal to serve you.

La Quinta has recently undergone extensive room and atmosphere renovations, improving the overall feel and look of each of their hotels. From the moment you arrive, you’ll be warmly welcomed and invited to enjoy your time there.

La Quinta Gives Back

La Quinta’s dedication to those working for the government extends much farther than their rates and specials. They have gone above and beyond to create the Military Rewards program.

The program extends a 12% discount to military members, a pretty sweet deal to those currently or retired from service. You will also get faster reward points, free nights that you can take any time of the year and a whole range of benefits for you.

This Christmas, give yourself the gift of a warm and welcoming place to stay. Don’t burden your family during an already stressful time. Use your government status to earn a good night’s sleep at an even better night’s rate.

Just be sure to listen out for those tell-tale hoofs upon the roof.


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