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Dec 2017

See Better Deals with Kaiser Permanente Optical

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Sometimes, seeing IS believing.

And with Kaiser Permanente, you will see some incredible savings coming your way. No, your vision isn’t blurry. This deal should be coming into focus real soon.

Let us make this clearer. Find out more about this deal right now.

Kaiser Permanente Stores

If you are in the market for a new pair of glasses, contacts, or even a fashionable pair of prescription sunglasses, we’re ready with a deal in the nick of time for you.

Available right now, in any Kaiser Permanente stores, you can grab an incredible 20% discount off any complete set of glasses, contacts or prescription sunglasses.

That’s right. You don’t even have to be a member to grab this exclusive discount. Now that is worth taking a second look.

Eyewear on Sale

If you are at all familiar with Kaiser Permanente’s selection, their desire is to ensure that your eyes are well cared for. And that goes well beyond just giving access to exclusively excellent eye care. They obviously want you to see well, but they also want you to look good as well.

Their designer frames included every name brand and style that you could desire. Exploring their gallery, you will come across names like Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Nautica, and Swarovski. Maybe you are inclined to see how Saks Fifth Avenue would look on you. Or could we interest you in some Christian Dior, Jimmy Choo, or Tom Ford?

Maybe we couldn’t before, but with 20% off, you’re sure to find every brand now within your reach. You can be incredibly fancy, at a price that does not reflect the brand name you are now wearing.

And this deal also extends to contact lenses. Get your prescription contact lenses filled at any Kaiser Permanente Eye Care optical shops and those savings are available to you.

And of course, you can choose just about any brand (excluding Maui Jim), and you will see those savings before you ever pay a cent. No qualms, no conditions. You just have to show your valid ID when making the purchase.

Are You Eligible for the Discount?

Some of the deals we feature on this site are only for a smaller population, but Kaiser Permanente wants to include everyone this season.

If you’re an active or retired, if you’re in the military or the Department of the Interior, if you’re a clerk or a 4 star General, these 20% savings is across the board. That’s how Kaiser Permanente wants to give back to those in service to their country.

There are a couple exclusions. Your eye exams, consultations, fittings, and evaluations aren’t included in this deal. The contact lenses must be claimed by the ID owner only. The deal is available once per year, per person. Prescription sunglasses are eligible as long as the frames and lenses are purchased together as a pair. Some WA stores are excluded from this program.

Other than that, these savings are on everything else they offer in store and online. As you will soon see, your vision will be improved for much less.

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