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Dec 2017

Bass Pro Shop Deals: Are They Worth the Wait?

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If you’ve ever gone fishing, you will understand the value of patience. After a time, you are rewarding with an exciting catch that you’re proud to show off.

Bass Pro Shops around the nation understand the mind of the fisherman, which is why you will need to be patient to snag a great deal of your own. And when you do, you will be proud to talk about your “great catch”.

You don’t have to wait to learn more about this bargain. Learn more right now.

Bass Pro Military Discounts

Although this deal does not come around every day, it is worth waiting for. And it’s this:

Starting the 15th of every month, and only lasting 7 days, is the Military Discount Days. For all active duty and retired military personnel, you are eligible for 10% off most of the products in store.

And just like the sport of fishing, once you land this deal, you will be eager to reel something of your own from their excellent line of products.

Bass Pro Products on Sale

So, where do you start? Where do you want to cast your line? Let’s trawl through some of the waters to find the right department for you.

Starting off in Men’s Wear, what catches your eye? Are you interested in some stylish belts? A cool new wallet? Or how about a great new cap?

Let’s see where the bigger fish lie. How about over in Footwear? It’s hook, line and sinker when you see their selection of boots, shoes, sandals, and everything else your foot could want. Whether you are on duty or on the boat, Bass Pro has got it covered. And now take off 10% whatever you like.

Are looking to land something a little bigger? Well, if trophy shopping is more your style, head over to the Camping selection. It’s hard to miss when you see the incredible range of gear you can equip yourself with in just one haul. As long as you are within that magical week of Military Discount Days, anything you find for the outdoor experience is reduced.

Grab a tent, a meat grinder, a sleeping bag, or even a kayak. It’s all on sale, and only for you.

Military Discount Days Terms

There are some terms we need to cover for your benefit.

How do you claim these deals? All you need to do is present your valid military ID to the cashier, and you will get 10% knocked off just about every item in your cart.

But…there is some fine print. Bass Pro does not extend this deal to a few selections. Reels, electronics, firearms, bows, scopes, ammunition, arrows, ATVs and some selected boats are exempt from the discount.

All catalog and internet sales are as marked and are not eligible either for the deal. Bass Pro does offer this discount to any permanently marked down product, however.

So, if you want to reel in a huge catch this season, make sure you have patience. The best things in life come with a little patience. And Bass Pro’s Military Discount Days are worth reeling in.

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