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Nov 2017

Macro Savings with Microsoft

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It looks like you’re trying to find deals for your PC or laptop? Can I help you with that?

Clippy, who was famous for helping people using Microsoft programs, may have expired, but Microsoft still wants to help you get the best deal on their products.

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Microsoft Software Deals

If you have not heard, we try our best to spread the news about great deals we come across online for federal employees.

But every once in a while, we come across a great deal that deserves more than just a blog post. Just know that we here at FedSave decided in a last minute decision against hiring a skywriter to broadcast this message in 200 foot letters.

I know it was impractical, but it would have been effective.

At any rate, this is truly one of the deals that we had to check over several times before we allowed it online.

Microsoft has introduced a new program called the Home Use Program. It is normally a plan to allow organizations that purchase in bulk greater access to multiple copies of their software.

Did you realise that the United States Government is one of the biggest volume purchasers of Microsoft? That means that you, the employee of said government, is entitled to receive INSANE discounts on software products that normally cost hundreds.

Yes, they NORMALLY would cost $400+, but as a government employee, you can purchase programs like Excel, Powerpoint, or Word in the Home Office Professional Plus 2016 for as little as $9.99.

Yes, that was not a typo. You get an astounding 97% off the retail price you would find in stores.

You can use your entire Home Office Suite at a price that’s truly unheard of. Now can you see why we considered the skywriter?

The Terms

So, how can you get access to this plan?

Microsoft has stated that as long as you are employed with the government, in any branch or role, you get personal licensing rights for all their programs at steep discounts.

You simply have to enter your work email address to see what sort of savings you could get.

For PC or Mac, you don’t have to do anything else but enter in your email to get this fantastic deal and get started at home right away.

This plan is for your benefit. The idea of the program is to allow government employees to access their work while at home, reducing the backlog of work and cutting down service and processing times. If you do not have to pay a whopping $399.99 for a Home Office kit, you are free to work from home whenever you need.

And remember, this is for your home machine. Even if you are not taking work home with you, you can still enjoy these great savings from Microsoft merely by virtue of who you work for.

So, hurry and snatch these deals while they are still around. If enough people jump on board, maybe we will still have time to cancel that skywriter yet.


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