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Oct 2017

Allegiant Air’s FREE deals to Military Personnel

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Allegiant wants to pledge their allegiance to you.

If you serve our country in the military, you could be eligible for massive discounts and freebies with Allegiant Air.

Find out all about the selected discounts you can use today.

Allegiant’s Offer

If you’re an active member of the military, you can now get access to Allegiant’s program for those in active duty; Allegiant Honors.

If you can display valid military ID, you can now grab some of these steep bargains.

How steep? How does ‘free’ sound to you? Pretty good. Excellent. Let us tell you all the free deals you can use with your booking. And just to show you hos much you’re getting, let us HIGHLIGHT each of the deals.

You can take 3 pieces of checked luggage for FREE. As long as each bag is under 100lbs, you can get them on board on your ticket with no added costs.

You have NO CHARGE for any piece of oversized luggage. Allegiant understands that sometimes travel in the military requires that you take unusually large bags with you. Don’t pay anything more when you book with Allegiant.

The perks continue at the airport with FREE boarding pass printing and FREE seating assignments. Normally, a convenience fee is charged to passengers wanting to print their passes at the airport. But now you can do that for no extra cost.

You can take one pet in the cabin with you for FREE. Need to travel with a service animal? Or you’re relocating with your family pet? You can now take them with you at no extra cost.

You can also use the Priority Boarding at NO CHARGE, when you book with your valid military ID. Get treated with dignity and respect when you show your pass to any Allegiant employees by getting priority treatment getting on and off the aircraft.

As an added bonus, you won’t get charged any cancellation or change fee to your ticket should you need to reschedule your trip. You shouldn’t be punished for flight arrangements that are out of your control. Allegiant will simply waive that fee should you need to rebook or cancel your flight for any reason.

Travelling with Allegiant

This program is always available to you, and you can travel anywhere that Allegiant flies. Allegiant already offers incredible flight deals to anywhere they serve. That includes major hubs like San Francisco, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. They also travel across the country to smaller destinations like Bangor, Reno, Wichita, and San Antonio.

Get these exclusive travel packages through the online website. All these deals are available through the website, or you can alternatively call customer care to get these great deals.

Allegiant also offers these deals to military veterans and spouses of the military. They want to honor those who serve, as well as the people whose duty have come to an end.

If you need to re-station your family, travel for work, or simply need a holiday, consider Allegiant first. Through their Allegiant Honors program, they want to ensure that you get the treatment you deserve for all your service to this country.

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