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Oct 2017

Get Access to Legoland Florida…For Free!

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You might think that Legos are great for building new creations, buildings, and vehicles capable of underwater and space travel at the same time.

But did you know that you can experience the magic of Lego for free?

All military members can now get access to an exclusive offer that’s not even available online.

Find out more here.

The Deal

If you love creating new Lego designs, or you simply want to create new family memories, Legoland has got the deal for you.

If you’re an active member of any branch of the military, you can now get free access to the Legoland Florida Resort and Water Park.

Yes, you read that correct. Absolutey free. They will not charge you. You will not get asked for money. Put away that wallet. It’s just going to offend the ticket takers if you attempt to give them your cash.

Because when you show your valid military ID to the staff at the front gates, they’ll open the gates to let you in, without you ever paying a cent. And what about all your family that you’re bringing along? They also get steep discounts, available at your military base’s Information, Tickets and Travel office. Simply check in there before you go to claim this great bargain.

The Park

And what’s inside the park? We can tell what’s NOT in there. There won’t be any pieces of Lego that you accidentally step on with your bare feet. That would be a horrible amusement park idea and probably would get somebody fired.

What IS fun is their amazing collection of rides and amusements for your entire family to enjoy.


Explore some of the rides at the park, more than enough to thrill you and excite everyone in your family.

Try the Flying School, a suspended roller coaster that makes you feel like you’re taking flight at incredible speeds while dangling beneath the tracks.

Or you could try the Technicycle, where the faster you pedal, the higher you go. This is perfect for younger riders with a sense of adventure already developing.

You could even head over to the Project X, a life-size version of the Lego Technic that you can build. It’s quick, thrilling, and reaches speeds fast enough to excite everybody in your family unit.


How about cooling off at the water park on those hot Floridian days? You can build your very own raft out of Lego pieces, splash around in the wave pool, or take a ride down the Splash Out water slide…if you dare.

You could even rent a private Cabana to take a snooze if you’re feeling like you just need a break. The waterpark is fun and safe for the whole family to enjoy the heat.

All of this and more is available to you for free. Yes, the Legoland team proudly supports the military and wants to give back in honor of the service you provide.

They won’t charge you a cent to come in and enjoy all that the Legoland Florida Resort and Water Park have to offer.


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