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Oct 2017

Apple Discounts on All Major Products

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We found it! This is the deal you have been waiting for before you even know that you were waiting for it. Apple has a little-known offer that’s exclusive to anybody who is currently (or retired) an employee of the Federal Government.

To what items does this deal apply?

Read on, because you’re going to like what you hear.

Discounted Apple Products

Whether you are the biggest Apple fanboy, or you are just in need of a good laptop or phone, you will be excited to hear all about Apple’s Employee Purchase Program.

Every major product that Apple offers is discounted for anybody who can show that they are an employee of the Federal government. That includes any branch or division of the government, current or retired military personnel, National Guard, Coast Guard, and Army Reserves.

If Uncle Sam is paying you, you are eligible to receive these great deals.


Yes, this is the big ticket item. Most iPhones offered on the Apple website have an already-applied discount on them. This, however, does NOT include the most recent models such as the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X.  Choose any other model, and you can find great savings in a market that’s quite competitive. We compared some of the prices, and we were quite shocked at how much less you can get a brand new iPhone for on this program.


If you are in the market for a new computer or laptop, make this your first stop. Not only are iMacs and Macbooks among the best and fastest laptops you can get, they are also remarkably long lasting. And now, you can grab yourself a brand new Macbook Pro or Air for much less than you could find at any other outlet.


Choose from the selection of iPads to pick one that suits your needs. Grab the convenient iPad Mini to get an excellent tablet that goes wherever you do. Take the latest iPad for less than you could get, even in the physical Apple store, or go big with the iPad Pro, the most comprehensive and professional iPad that Apple has released.

Accessories and Add-Ons

Yes, you can even get products like Apple TV or an iPod Touch at a rate that is only available to you, the Federal Employee. Get covers, cases, headphones, speakers, watch bands, new cords and cables, and even some cool Star Wars toys and drones that sync right up to your phone.

Eligibility and Guidelines

Look, we have to cover the basics, so let’s just quickly go through that. If you are an active or retired Federal Employee, Apple’s Employee Purchase Program is for you. It’s not meant for resale or any corporate programs. It’s for end users only. All deals ae available through the online store and not through any retail stores or outlets.

For further details, you can click here to read the complete list of guidelines. Warning: It’s not very fun to read.


Look, frankly, we are a little bit jealous of this deal. It’s one of the best and most sought-after deals we have found, and you should not hold back from getting your very own Apple product for less.

Jump on this offer today to get your exclusive Apple deal on many of their best products. We know we would.

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