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Oct 2017

Gold’s Gym Memberships for all Military Personnel

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Ready to get big and buff? Want to maintain your physique no matter where you are in the world? Gold’s Gym has an offer that is one of the best we have ever seen for all military personnel.

Gold’s wants to salute you and your service with this amazing welcome package.

Would you like to know more?

Gold’s Gym

One of the reasons we selected this as our featured deal this month is the incredible savings you get as a new member of the gym.

Normally, a starting membership could cost you anywhere from $79-$199, depending on the package you choose. Gold’s has waived that price and come up with something you should get pumped up about (pun completely intended).


Yes, $49 to enroll in any of Gold’s Gyms membership packages. Not only that, but you also receive a further 20% discount on all dues and fees for the life of your membership. The savings just don’t stop with this gym.

First opened in 1965 at Venice Beach, Gold’s Gyms have sprung up in over 20 countries around the world. That means that no matter where you’re stationed, you are likely to find a gym nearby that can feel like a little piece of home.

What Does a Gold’s Gym Membership Include?

Gold’s is so much more than just weights. The reputation of being the “Mecca of Bodybuilding” does not even come close to what Gold’s can offer its members. Although stars like Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwarzenegger use Gold’s Gyms for their elite training techniques, you can find more than you would expect.


Sign up to some of the classes available at the gym. You can do some Zumba classes, group cycling, or even take a yoga class to strengthen and stretch your body while improving your well-being. Sign up for a Pilates class to gain some core strength or join a mixed martial arts class to build up your fitness levels.

The class atmosphere is fun and puts people together who have the same fitness goals as you so you are always challenged to do better than before.


Expect the best when you get personalized training at Gold’s Gym. They offer world-class trainers so you get world-class results. You can set some fitness goals with your trainer or simply work on your technique. You get access to some of the best fitness gurus on the planet, no matter which location you go to.

Get Your Membership Today

To make use of this incredible deal is so easy. All you have to do is go online to the Gold’s Gym website, find the nearest gym to your location, pay your fee online and take the receipt into the gym.

The receipt, along with your current military ID, will activate your membership and give you instant access to all facilities worldwide. Keep your membership active and you’ll get 20% off the dues simply for remaining loyal to Gold’s.

Gold’s Gym wants to honor your sacrifice and your time served with this offer. It’s time to get into the gym and grab this exclusive offer today.


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