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Sep 2017

New GM prices for Military Personnel

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Deploy the savings! This year’s new GM cars and trucks could cost even less with a little help from Uncle Sam.

That is to say, if you are an active member of the military (or even retired), you could be eligible to receive a price that no civilian would ever get to see.

Find out more below.

GM Salutes You!

If you have served in the military, you understand the power of putting your faith in a good vehicle. And there is nothing more reliable than a good ole’ American made General Motors car or truck that you can rely on.

In honor of the American spirit and the great deby we owe to the military, GM now offers a discount to members of the:

US Navy

US Army


US Marines

US Air Force

Coast Guard

That’s right. All branches of the military can enlist to grab a great bargain.

If you are an active member, a serving part of this great country’s military rank, a retired member, or within one year of a discharge date, you are eligible for this deal. Spouses are also eligible to grab this exclusive rate.

And what are these incredible savings?

When you go to the GM dealership website, you can select between a number of fantastic options that have discounted rates only available to military members.

No, this price is not for everyone. No, it is not even available to GM employees. Only those incredible individuals who have served in the military can get access to the best prices you’re bound to find.

How Does It Work?

First, browse the selection of cars online.

For example, you could choose the all-new 2018 GMC Sierra 1500, a rugged crew cab truck with full 4 Wheel Drive ability and get almost $10,000 knocked off the MSRP.

Or, if you are looking for a family-friendly vehicle, have a look at the 2017 Buick Enclave, easy to drive, safe and secure for your entire platoon of children. And what are your savings for being military ranked personnel? You get over $3000 off the ticket price.

You don’t even have to buy new cars.

You can select a range of older vehicles from the 2017, 2016 or 2015 range of used cars, crossovers, trucks, and heavy duty pickups. All that matters is that GM can offer you a reliable, American vehicle at a rate that’s worthy of your service to this country. Keep checking online as the deals are subject to change over time.

Guidelines for the GM Deals

To claim this deal, you simply need two things:

First, claim your “Authorization Number” on the vehicle you want. It’s as simple as clicking the “Authorization Number” button above the car you want to purchase. You can print this number out and take to any dealer across the country to grab the vehicle of your choice.

And second, bring along valid ID of your military status.

And that’s it! Make sure you don’t go AWOL on this deal. Check online today to grab GM’s bargain of the century.

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