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Sep 2017

Hyundai Halts Payments for Furloughed Federal Employees

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It’s that season again. Pumpkin Spice lattes are coming back, the colors are chaging on the trees, and the government can’t seem to agree on budgets. You know what that means?

Government shutdown.

And that could put over 800,000 people without an income until the government can come to an agreement.

But the good news is that if it heads the way it looks like it’s going, Hyundai has got you covered.

Furloughed Federal Employees

If you end up as one of the hundreds of thousands of affected government employees, you could be without a steady income for an undetermined amount of time.

And that is a scary reality to face.

Especially if you have bought a car from Hyundai through their Motor Finance Loan plan. But Hyundai understands the pain of being powerless in the face of a problem like this.

That is why they have offered to put their customers first and look after the federal employees who are suffering without need.

Hyundai have agreed to temporarily suspend all repayments on the Motor Finance Loan and lease payments for any car currently being financed through them.

That’s right. You read that correctly. If you have a current car repayment that you aren’t able to repay, Hyundai understands. They are granting a grace period to defer all car loan repayments until everyone can get back to work.

And what’s the time limit?

There isn’t one.

As long as you are out of work due to the federal government shutdown, you are exempt from any and all car payments to Hyundai through the Hyundai Motor Finance plan.

Hyundai Federal Employee Payment Deferral

Hyundai launched their Hyundai Assurance 4 years ago as a way to say “We’ve got your back” to all those affected by the shutdown crisis in 2013.

That is great news during a time when everything is uncertain and the only updates come from CNN. As long as you can demonstrate that you are a current federal employee, employed with any branch in the United States Government, and that you have been temporarily placed on leave because of the government shutdown, you are eligible on this plan.

Simply show your furlough papers to receive this generous grant of grace during a difficult period in your life.

Hyundai has taken it a step further. If you were looking to purchase a new car during the month of October, you will be granted an extended 90 day grace period from all repayments. Hyundai is willing to forgive all repayments for 3 full months to help get you back on your feet after losing a government position.

Hyundai Payment Deferral Details

Like all things in life, it is important to check the fine print.

Your credit score will NOT be affected during this deferment. There is no interest accruing in the background.

This program is only extended to clients making repayment directly through Hyundai. No other outside sources will be honored.

This is a legitimate offer to those who are really suffering. Make a call to the Hyundai Motor Finance team if you’re one of the thousands of American workers affected by the government shutdown.

Hyundai has got your back.


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