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Sep 2017

All Aboard for Unbelievable Amtrak Deals

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Ride the rails, and do it for less with Amtrak’s deals available to all American federal employees.

Amtrak has released new deals exclusively for government workers travelling in the Northeast corridor.

Arrive at your destination faster and in comfort with Amtrak’s train services.

What’s new?

Amtrak knows how busy your life can get with business. Travelling can wear you down and cost your department thousands of dollars.

Amtrak wants to ease that burden by offering discounts to all government workers in the Northeast Region as well as discounted Coach fares nationwide.

What’s more is that, as a Federal employee, you’re also exempt from refund cancellation fees.

That’s right. If you cancel at any time prior to departure, you’re entitled to receive a full 100% refund on the fare. This deal only applies to tickets booked on this government employee program.

You can cancel through the Amtrak website, through your booking agent, or simply by using the mobile app. And the entire cost of the travel is refunded to you, no questions asked.

Why Travel Amtrak?

Although train travel has been in this country for decades, it’s still underutilized. For business travellers looking to make short trips, Amtrak offers a world of features perfectly suited to your business schedule and needs.

Free WiFi

When you travel by air, you lose quite a bit of time of connectivity to your co-workers and colleagues. Never again have a drop in communication with free WiFi on all trains.


You can also stay plugged in with all your electronics. Each seat comes equipped with outlets to power your devices on the go.


Feel free to wander up and down the aisles during your journey. You can enjoy the freedom to walk between all carriages. You can also make your way over the Lounge, where you can get food and beverages at your convenience.

Downtown Delivery

Avoid the stress of travel by arriving directly downtown in the city of your choice. You don’t have to book town cars or travel out of the city to get to Amtrak’s stations.

Less Hassle

Don’t worry about clearing TSA with the thousands of others at the airport. Skip the lines and the hassle of air travel with a convenient train.

More Space

Amtrak has larger seats and more leg room than an airplane. They also offer you much more convenience with baggage allowances than air travel.

Major Hubs, Major Discounts

If your transit takes you anywhere between big cities in the Northeast, you’ll be glad to hear Amtrak has got you covered.

New York – Philadelphia – Boston – Wilmington – Trenton – Washington, DC

Your train takes you right into the heart of these hubs at a fraction of the cost.

Booking Amtrak Travel

To grab these deals, contact a recognized Travel Management Company agent to use your corporate account’s number. All bookings must be made with a TMC agent to qualify for the discounted rates.

Full refunds only apply to fares booked with TMC agents to use with Northeast Regional and Keystone Services in the Northeast.

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