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Aug 2017

Your Government Wants You Back in School

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The Office of Personnel Management has just put out some fantastic deals on getting you more qualified and educated. The director of the OPM has just released this statement encouraging all federal employees to get better qualifications at an incredible discount. So, if you have ever considered trying out for a promotion, getting a better position, or just gaining some higher education, keep reading.

Each year, the OPM puts out a survey for federal employees so that they can better understand what the average workers want from their position.

Time and time again, the answer comes back, “More opportunities”. Federal employees want to improve their position and grow within their career. They want to be better employees.

That is a noble pursuit, and the OPM wants to encourage that idea. That’s why they have initiated a partnership with 6 institutions to bring you better deals on higher education. And there are more alliances coming in the future.

Current Partnerships

At the moment, here are the offers ready for you to grab:

Central Michigan University World Campus They are ready to offer all federal employees a substantial 15% off all tuition, both in-state and out-of-state. They will even waive the application fee for their certificate programs, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and short-term courses.

University of Maryland University College: They have worked with the OPM to offer you a degree or certification that aligns with your office. They offer $50 the application and an impressive 25% off out-of-state tuition fees.

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota: The OPM has partnered with Saint Mary’s to offer you a tuition grant to both you, your spouse and your dependents with their extensive course range.

Champlain College: Champlain has gone above and beyond for all federal employees and active military to bring a whopping 50% discount off the standard tuition price. Check out the wide range of payment options and available degrees to further your career.

Excelsior College: Through their “Feducation” program, Excelsior offers significant discounts, up to 65% off regular course fees. Military members and their spouses can also be eligible to receive further aid for tuition through their “Alliance” program.

Penn State World Campus: Penn State brings all federal employees a great rate on all of their 125 different degrees. Choose the right course and you will also get access to advising, career counseling, and access to a staff that specifically serves professionals like you.

Education and Opportunity for You and Your Family

The OPM shows that they care about you. If you are a federal employee, these deals are a great opportunity for you.

But they can also benefit your family. Your children and spouses can use these offers to achieve their financial goals to get ahead in their own careers. The federal government offers this so that your entire family can succeed.

Don’t let a lack of education hold you back. Jump online and enroll to give yourself the best chance to succeed in life.

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