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Aug 2017

Hilton Hotel Price Drop for Government Workers

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If you are an active employee of the US Government, stay at one of the nation’s most prestigious hotel chains…for less!

Hilton could not say thank you to each and every individual working in the federal government, so they decided to introduce rates that should do that for them.

Find out more about these great deals right now.

If you are traveling for work, you have been posted to a new base, or you are taking advantage of some down time, Hilton has the place for you.

And they could not have made it easier!

All you need to do is search for the nearest landmark, base, or location, and Hilton will provide you with a list of hotels around you that would be happy to serve you.

When you’ve made your selection, simply choose the “Government/Military” tab to see the rates specifically for you and your family.

They have specific rates for:

  • Government Employees
  • State Government Employees
  • Government Contractors
  • Active Military Personnel

Simply select the appropriate rate and Hilton can provide their personal thanks in the form of a reduced rate on all their rooms.

Hilton Rooms

There is a reason that people continue to check in to Hilton Hotels here and around the world. It’s not just the comfort of their beds or the convenience of their hotels. It’s not just the friendly service or the attention to every detail.

People choose Hilton because they go over and above. Just like these room rates they offer you today.

So, what can you expect from your next stay?

  • In-room wired/wireless internet
  • Jointed rooms (if required)
  • Multiple restaurants (depending on location)
  • Meeting rooms
  • Executive suites
  • Business centers
  • Fitness centers
  • Swimming pools
  • And much more….

It does not matter if you plan on staying for work, for pleasure, or a mixture of both, you get access to these amenities at nearly every Hilton location worldwide.

Hilton’s Service to Those Who Serve

Hilton wants to thank you for your service. They can accommodate every one of your needs when you are traveling and need a place to stay.

They make it as easy as possible to work out your per diem rates per location, both here and overseas. They provide handy links on their site to give you access to all the information you need for your next trip. They work closely with guests from every branch of government, so they have a unique understanding of the requirements to stay at one of their hotels.

And booking cannot be simpler. You choose the hotel closest to your base of operations, select the room type you require, make your selection from among the Government Rates, and that’s it. It is all booked for you. Simply present your active governmental ID upon check-in, and you will be in your room without delay.

So, plan your holiday with your family. Book your next assignment’s gathering in their meeting rooms. Unwind after a tough assignment in the fitness center.

And all because Hilton wants to serve to the people who serve this country.


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