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Apr 2017

Where The Feds Hire – Usajobs.Gov

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The United States Government and all affiliated contractors and agencies hire through the website. This site has been the go to place for people who were looking for employment in the government but few knew the extent of the jobs that are available though the government.

A few of the more than 20,000 jobs that are presently available at can give a job seeker some insight into the breadth of positions, range of talents, and potential. Look for an interesting and exciting career as a permanent or temporary employee of the U. S. Government and the companies that work with the government.

Types of Jobs Available
The Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division is searching for scientists and engineers. The U. S. Department of Justice wants recent grads for their developmental programs that include terrorism interdiction. The Health Insurance Marketplace is seeking nongovernmental employees for temporary assignments during the upcoming enrollment period.

There is no branch of learning, no area of expertise, and no limits to the opportunities that are available. Contractors for the Federal Government frequently assess the needs of the government using this site and place their personnel in government positions.

The site is the go to place to become a part of government. The benefits, insurance, number of holidays, and pay are higher than many nongovernment jobs and the reward and satisfaction of these careers cannot be matched. One of the benefits of USAJobs is that there is never and never will be a shortage of positions available. Retirements, new technologies, and new threats to security always produce a need for new employees in government.

A government job does not mean that you work in an office, the Pentagon, or the Capitol although those options are available. The government employs people in every imaginable field in all parts of the world.

Who can use the site?

Anyone can use the site. You must be a U. S. citizen. Special preferences in hiring are extended to veterans. All levels of education are accepted and training specific to a particular job are available to a person that is hired. The site is not just for people who already work in any branch of government only. Federal employees do go through the site to apply for new positions.

Special attention is paid to providing for people who are disabled to be able to apply for a government job and have a career in a government position at the site. Intolerance in any form is not accepted on the part of a job seeker or anyone with hiring authority in the government. These policies are law and are strictly enforced.

The only thing you need to look at the jobs that are available are a user name, email account, and a password. The site is protected by the best available encryption but users should use clever passwords and change them regularly to avoid potential hackers.

Help when Applying

A FAQs page walks a user through the application process, the different documents needed to apply for any job that is offered. It also details the eligibility requirements for each position that is presently available. An explanation of benefits appropriate to each position is listged, and instructions about how to perform the most efficient and productive search. Any problems that an individual has with negotiating the site, applying for a position, or finding out the next step in the process can be addressed to a live person through the HR tab.

The FAQ’s page also has step by step instructions for offenders who wish to apply for a federal job. A past legal offense is not a ban from working for the majority of government agencies. However, patience must be a part of the process if a person has a previous conviction.

Reducing the Paper Chase

Applying for any job in the Federal Government involves a considerable amount of paper work. Each position has specific requirements. The hiring authorities are obligated to follow the law and the procedures instituted by each branch of the government. The government has implemented several changes over the years that make the application process faster and simpler. The site now accepts resumes in any format. The user simply downloads their resume and qualifications into the system in a single entry. The application page for all government positions will truncate the resume and statement of qualifications if it is longer than the set character limit.

The system does not specify the set character limit for credentials in most instances and will not tell the user that they have gone over the limit. The user must check the application to be certain that they have not gone past the limit. The finished application is transferable and useable in all positions offered by the government. Some higher level positions require more information than a resume or statement of qualifications.

The system will notify you when your application has been accepted or rejected. The notification tells you what the next step is and what action you need to take to continue the process. The user can check their position in the process at any time.

Why use

You get direct access to all of the jobs that the U. S. Government has available at present. The simple idea is going to the horse’s mouth instead of paying someone to do the same for you. The application process is demanding and can be stressful but the rewards are there for those who have the qualifications.

Get started here at USAJobs.

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