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Mar 2017

Exclusive GoDaddy Coupon Codes for FedSave

Discounts and Coupons

GoDaddy has provided us with three unique promotional codes. Would you believe they are willing to provide us with a domain name for 99 cents? We were surprised too. But it’s true. You can obtain a name with any of the top level domains they offer.

You can have for a website or just e-mail. That’s right, you do not need to create or have a website for the domain. It is not uncommon to use a domain for email. It is very easy to setup and you can have an email address, or many of them, at You can check email with an email client or even through a service such as gmail.

$.99 Domain Name

Use this GoDaddy Coupon Code Link Click Here for $.99 Domain at GoDaddy You can use the discount code simply by using the direct link here and have the coupon applied for you. When you go to the checkout in your cart you will receive the promotional price.

Get your domain name while this coupon lasts!

ICANN is coming out with more every day. ICANN states that the “expansion of generic Top-Level Domains (e.g. .COM, .ORG, .NET) in the Domain Name System is underway. Over 1,300 new names or “strings” could become available in the next few years.”

Now what if you do want your own website? And what if you also want a free domain? Have they got another deal for us! For just $1 a month you can get a website from godaddy and get a free domain name.

$1/mo Hosting w/Free Domain

With this deal you can obtain web hosting for just $1 a month by Clicking Here for $1 a Month Hosting Deal. You get the GoDaddy Web hosting which is usually $7.99 a month for $1 a month. The hosting account provides unlimited bandwidth so you do not need to worry about additional charges based on the number of visitors. It also includes 100 GB of storage space which should be plenty for your website images. Best of all you get your own unique domain name free with this offer, direct link here to have coupon applied.

30% Off Everything

What if you intend on ordering quite a bit, maybe a domain, hosting, SSL certificates and more? Then Click here for 30% off Everything. If you are interested in additional GoDaddy products, and that would not surprise us. Then take a look at this 30% off everything deal. Everything in your cart will be 30% off, depending on what you are getting this might afford you the best possible discount. They have been around since domain names were first introduced. Over the years they have grown substantially and moved into new product markets. Did you know they offer hosting specifically for WordPress, multiple Hosting Solutions, Web Security (very important these days), Email & Office prodcuts, and Online Marketing.

Essentially they now provide all the services you would need for your own email, website, or even business, under one roof.

What About Reliability
The proof is in the pudding. Here are some facts.

  • Award winning 24/7 Support
  • More than 13 Million Customers
  • World’s #1 Domain Name Registrar
  • More than 60 Million Domains Under Management

Enough said, find out more detail here

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