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Nov 2016

Send Gift Baskets Overseas with a Discount

Discounts and Coupons

Two websites provide gift baskets you can use to send to anyone. However they work particularly well when sending items overseas to military personnel.

The first service we will mention is Gift Basket Villas which gives military and government employees 10% off their order.  This service is to send gift baskets within the United States.

SITE: Order at here
COUPON CODE: use code Fed10

Send Outside the United States

When sending outside the United States you can use Gift Baskets Overseas. They send to the following, from their website:

[You can send] Gift Baskets to the US, Canada & Mexico, Latin America & Caribbean, Australia & New Zealand, Japan, China & anywhere in Asia, South Africa & other African countries, Israel, UAE & Middle East, the UK and all countries of Europe.

SITE: Order at here
COUPON CODE: use code USMilitary10

You can send items like these:


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