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Nov 2016

PODS Military Discount for Moving and Storage Services

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You may be familiar with PODS which stands for Portable On Demand Storage. They provide two services: storage and moving. Here is how it works. One of the PODS, or more than one, will be brought to you and dropped off. You fill it yourself with your items and pack it however you like. When you are done you call them to have it picked up. It can then be stored or moved to a new location.

how pods work

For those that need storage due to deployment or maybe your next home is not yet ready, they will store it for you. For those moving, the PODS will be transported to your new location. You then unpack it when ready. One of the benefits is that you pack the items yourself and unpack yourself.

PODS will provide military and their families a discount, here is what they say on their site:

PODS appreciates the commitment and sacrifices of our military personnel and their families. PODS offers discounts for Active Duty, Retired and Veteran members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Call toll-free 866-556-9574 and mention that you are active duty or have served in the military for details.


You can read all about the PODS Military Discount Here.

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