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Nov 2016

5 Websites to Help in Your Government Job Search

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Without a doubt, this is the internet age. Businesses are rushing to the online market looking for ways to promote their services and products. The Federal Government is no different.

If you are in the market for a government job, consider doing much of your searching online. There are plenty of agencies that post to the online media regularly in an effort to meet their staffing needs, and the government is definitely one of them.

Here are 5 excellent government job websites out there:

1. Bureau of Labor Statistics

This website offers a lot of information on jobs, but mostly supporting information. If you want to see the numbers on employment projections or handbooks, this is the place to find it. On top of that though, it also offers some valuable information on tools for students and data.

Students can come to this website and check out career videos. This is a fun tool because it is purposely more casual than other areas of the website. It has different tips and tricks about what your interests are and how to parlay them into real jobs. There is also a resource for teachers who may want to bring the Bureau of Labor Statistics into their classrooms for motivation.

The one caveat is that finding the actual job listings is oddly difficult. You can find it via the “home” tab and then click on “jobseekers” from the dropdown menu. Still it has enough resources once you find them to make your government job search that much easier.

Go to Bureau of Labor Statistics Here

2. Career One Stop

This is another website that offers some valuable information on finding government jobs. What’s nice about this one is that its menus and layout are both clear and easy to maneuver. You can find information on exploring careers, getting training, job searches, local help, a toolkit and resources. The plethora of information is what makes this a great website to keep in your back pocket.

When looking for a job here what you’ll notice is the amount of training and tips offered. You can look through how to create a job search strategy to get your plan together. You also can find out trends in the market and what is the most sought after job . It helps you put together your own unique elevator speech and give information on how to send letters of inquiry.

Overall the amount of resources at Career One Stop are great. Any new job seeker is going to benefit at the training included. It also has sections for Military Jobs and Veterans seeking jobs. This by far is one of the most useful tools when seeking a government job career.

Go to Career One Stop Here

3. Department of Labor Mainpage

This is a great website for finding information on labor and the trends . There is a handy blog you can subscribe to for a daily update on what is happening. You also can see national information and announcements. It has a strong Twitter update too, so if you are a job seeker, be sure to follow @USDOL for the latest updates.

When it comes to finding a job this website offers you valuable information that you should know. It gives you all types of federal changes and updates regarding minimum wage, unemployment, retirement plans and leave benefits. This is a great resource for those seeking jobs with the government and for those who just want to know what is happening in the marketplace.

Go to Department of Labor Mainpage Here

4., The Office of Personnel Management

This is one of the more popular websites for government jobs and for good reason. It’s straightforward and clear. There are two main fields at the top asking for your job title or skill sand your location. Using those gives you the bulk of information you need to find a job. Beyond that, this website also has specific information for students and recent graduates, seniors, veterans and individuals with disabilities.

At USAJobs you also can create your own profile and upload your resume. This is a helpful tool to get employers to contact you while you continue your job search. Of course this requires having a fantastic resume that showcases your true skills, but you can easily use their help tool for suggestions and other tips when creating it.

Beyond the job search, you also can find details on latest trends in the market. There aren’t as many as with some of the other options, but this does a lot for keeping the layout clear and streamlined. This still is a great website to find your next government job.

Go to, The Office of Personnel Management Here

5. Accountable

This is another great website for your government job search. It features information on the national employment status. You can click on specifics like “transportation” or “energy & environment” to get more detailed information as needed, but it offers a broad view too.

One of the things this website has to offer is a specific focus on women in business and resources for them. You also can use the main map and click on your state to hone in on information that pertains to you directly. This is a helpful tool and puts information for your state in one easy-to-reach location.

Go to Accountable Here

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