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Oct 2016

SeatStir 45% Off Memberships

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SeatStir is a membership based entertainment service that offers you a lot of activities and shows. If you have a sense of adventure, then you will find plenty of shows and activities with SeatStir.

SeatStir is referred to as a “seat-filler” program that helps both people who are looking for entertainment and entertainment venues. It provides a variety of entertainment options for you; that helps you discover new ones while helping event promoters fill their seats.

SeatStir is also a member of the Seat-Filler Network that provides entertainment service to 25 U.S markets from Coast to Coast (at last check). This service includes access to free of charge tickets and offers that are specific to cities such as Philadephia, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Northern New Jersey,  New York City, Washington D.C,  St Paul, and others.

What SeatStir Offers

SeatStir provides a variety of events ranging from comedy shows to concerts, live theater performances, sporting events and other special occasions. To enjoy SeatStir services you have to become a member. Paid membership is available for a minimum of 6 months, and during this period they offer about 100-200 shows and events to members. SeatStir provides a list of different shows and activities to its members for free. SeatStir memberships give you an opportunity to explore, discover and enjoy a whole new world of entertainment local to your area. They offer a first-come, first-serve service to a variety of events and shows around your metro area.

seatstir membership

How Membership Works

SeatStir collaborates with different shows and event promoters to provide free of charge tickets and offers for its members to enjoy. Members also help these shows and events in previews or when they are not adequately publicized to fill up their seat and create a full house while being right audiences. While SeatStir provides free of charge tickets for members it should not be mistaken for ticket brokers.  Members should bear in mind that the availability of these offers and events vary with season. Each season usually introduces a new set of offers.

However, know that they do not give you a guaranty of getting a particular seat at a show, obtaining tickets to big concerts or any show of your choice.

More about SeatStir

SeatStir is a family business owned and operated by Velvet Rope Enterprise LLC and their Seat-Filler Network was introduced in 2007. They get rewards from working with big shows that are poorly publicized and smaller shows and theaters.

45% Off for Government Employees

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