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Jul 2011

Telework Basics for Government Employees

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Let’s face it, traffic stinks! No matter where you live and how far your drive to work is, being stuck behind the wheel of your automobile is no fun. But you can do something about it! Their are many programs available for Government employees to work from home, full and part-time, and avoid at least some of your daily road rage! To help you get started, we’ve pulled together some great resources for you below is a Government website sponsored by GSA and OPM is maybe your best resource on all things related to Teleworking. It includes a great “Teleworking Basics” to help both employers (Government agencies) and employees (you!) learn how to start, manage, enroll, and service a telework program. Get a cup of coffee before you start using this site though as there is a LOT of material and you can end up spending a LOT of time here.

The Telework Exchange
The Telework Exchange is another content rich website that provides the basics of Teleworking but also commentary, insight, suggestions, and reporting from both agency and employee perspectives.

Are you telecommuting now? Do you plan on doing so this year? Why not?

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