Jobs in Government

One of the easier tasks when looking for jobs in Government is finding websites that list them. We’ll focus on the larger sites that are managed by the Government and those that are run by private companies.

Government Job Websites – is the US Government’s official website for Federal jobs and employment information. It was launched in October 2011 with the goal of providing a low cost, easy to use service exclusively for Federal job postings. It maintains the single largest database of jobs in Government and provides online services to assist with the entire job application process. How ever, since its launch in the fall of 2011, FedSave has heard from many of you that the service has been extremely slow and difficult to use. However, is still the best place to start your search and we expect it to get better over time.

To get started, visit the USAJobs’ Resource Center first and review the tutorials. Or you can begin immediately searching all of the jobs in Government!

Commercial Job Websites – is one of the largest online job search databases in the world. They have direct relationships with most all Federal agencies and are one of the largest online databases for jobs in Government. They also have online services that can assist you with every step of way of landing a new job including how to write a resume and how to interview.

FedSave Note: We’ll be adding more information and resources about Government jobs and how to find them very soon.

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