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  • Electronics

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    Computer Discounts

    Offer: Up to 15% off of retail prices for Federal employees.
    Availability: Ongoing

    Apple Computer
    Offer: Up to 17% off Apple products
    Availability: Ongoing
    Details: Military Discounts on Apple iPods & Other Products

    The Apple Store (U.S.)
    Offer: United States Armed Forces Discount
    Availability: Ongoing

    Offer: Discounts range from %5 to 15% – or better on some models!

    Offer: Various discounts from 8-10%.
    Availability: Ongoing

    Operation Homelink
    Offer: Free Refurbished Computers
    Availability: Ongoing
    Details: Operation Homelink provides free refurbished computers to the spouses or parents of junior enlisted (E1 –E5) U.S. deployed service men and women enabling email communication with their loved one deployed overseas. We offer this service on behalf of our Donor Corporations as a way to demonstrate their support of our brave men and women serving their country.