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Bass Pro Shop Deals: Are They Worth the Wait?

If you’ve ever gone fishing, you will understand the value of patience. After a time, you are rewarding with an exciting catch that you’re proud to show off. Bass Pro Shops around the nation understand the mind of the fisherman, which is why you will need to be patient to snag a great deal of

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Deep Discounts for Dell Computers

Your service to this country should be respected, honored, and valued. Dell is making that known by offering those in the military an exclusive deal on every product they offer. Find out more right now. Dell Deals for Military Members For many families, Christmas can be a stressful time. It can be made even harder

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Macro Savings with Microsoft

It looks like you’re trying to find deals for your PC or laptop? Can I help you with that? Clippy, who was famous for helping people using Microsoft programs, may have expired, but Microsoft still wants to help you get the best deal on their products. Click through to find out more. Microsoft Software Deals

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Allegiant Air’s FREE deals to Military Personnel

Allegiant wants to pledge their allegiance to you. If you serve our country in the military, you could be eligible for massive discounts and freebies with Allegiant Air. Find out all about the selected discounts you can use today. Allegiant’s Offer If you’re an active member of the military, you can now get access to

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Get Access to Legoland Florida…For Free!

You might think that Legos are great for building new creations, buildings, and vehicles capable of underwater and space travel at the same time. But did you know that you can experience the magic of Lego for free? All military members can now get access to an exclusive offer that’s not even available online. Find

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Apple Discounts on All Major Products

We found it! This is the deal you have been waiting for before you even know that you were waiting for it. Apple has a little-known offer that’s exclusive to anybody who is currently (or retired) an employee of the Federal Government. To what items does this deal apply? Read on, because you’re going to

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Gold’s Gym Memberships for all Military Personnel

Ready to get big and buff? Want to maintain your physique no matter where you are in the world? Gold’s Gym has an offer that is one of the best we have ever seen for all military personnel. Gold’s wants to salute you and your service with this amazing welcome package. Would you like to

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New GM prices for Military Personnel

Deploy the savings! This year’s new GM cars and trucks could cost even less with a little help from Uncle Sam. That is to say, if you are an active member of the military (or even retired), you could be eligible to receive a price that no civilian would ever get to see. Find out

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Hyundai Halts Payments for Furloughed Federal Employees

It’s that season again. Pumpkin Spice lattes are coming back, the colors are chaging on the trees, and the government can’t seem to agree on budgets. You know what that means? Government shutdown. And that could put over 800,000 people without an income until the government can come to an agreement. But the good news

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IHG Hotels Savings Across the Country

You don’t have to be personal friends with the owner to grab a deal at some of the best hotels in the country. You can freely choose between a number of the hotels that currently operate under the Intercontinental Hotels Group banner. You can stay with the budget friendly Holiday Inn Express all the way

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